In 2004, GOTG introduced the world’s first groundnut–soya, high energy and protein food supplement, called Sibusiso.

Sibusiso is indicated in cases of:

Currently, it’s being used by 230 health facilities in South Africa , Malawi , Lesotho and Botswana.

It has been used as a highly effective nutrient supplement for debilitating conditions such as malnutrition, tuberculosis and HIV, Aids. However, it’s also suitable for those with high energy needs such as sports people or students.

Unique Advantages

  • 100% ready to eat
  • No preparation required
  • No dilution required
  • No heating or refrigeration required
  • Can be eaten on its own, stirred into porridge or other food, or used as a spread

The World’s first soya-groundnut high energy and protein supplement

Innovated by The Gift of the Givers Foundation

Added Advantages

  • Contains essential macro and micro nutrients;
  • Energy and nutrient-dense;
  • Contains ingredients that are naturally free of lactose, wheat and gluten;
  • Preservative-free;
  • Suitable for vegetarians;
  • Pleasant taste;
  • Suitable from 9-months to the elderly

Nutritional Challenges

    Disaster situations present unique nutritional challenges:
  • One cannot rely on a safe water source, access to refrigeration, adequate hygiene and sanitation or adequate access to food.
  • Many people in South Africa live with these challenges on a daily basis. In developing countries there is a high prevalence of:
  • HIV/AIDS; TB; Malnutrition; Developmental abnormalities; Chronic diarrhoea